Roman Gadgets Axiv Stand

Does your iPad case do what you need it to? Most cases don’t.

An iPad or PC tablet is amazing. Tremendous capability in such a thin package. It’s also easily dropped, bumped, scuffed, and broken. Scary stuff when you consider what you spent on it.

To protect our investment, most of us buy a tablet case. Do you realize how your choice of case can limit you? Most require you to have a flat surface to use your tablet in a standing position. And they make you choose one of only a few adjustments for that position.

Standard cases don’t fit well with your dynamic lifestyle. They keep you from using your tablet as productively as possible. They may be helpful in your home or office, but so is your laptop. Your tablet is designed to be more mobile. Let’s make it work for you everywhere.

We’ll start with durability.

Roman Gadget Axiv Tablet Case System components are made from silicon and hard plastic. The shock absorbent silicon cover protects your tablet from abrasion and incidental contact that can scratch or dent your tablet case.

The hard plastic fittings are tough, long-lasting points of connection for system components, including our stand.

We’ll add flexibility and comfort.

The Axiv Tablet Case System stand is adjustable. Find just the right angle to meet your needs.

Our stand is also a handle. It includes a fabric hook-and-loop fastener. Adjust the size of the handle to the size of your hand. Use your tablet right-side up or upside down. Your tablet will stay right where you want it. In your hand.

With Roman Gadgets, you have a firm grip on things. You control setting your tablet stand for the best perspective. You know your tablet case system gives you more options than any other case available. We’ll talk about more of those options next time.

Roman Gadgets. Old world ingenuity making technology work for you.