Handling with Care: Protect Your iPad in Unforgiving Environments. Like Your Living Room.

Would you call your home unforgiving? That description fits mine. And not just my home. My car too. Sharp corners. Hard surfaces. Slick spots. Rough textures. And these are the places I call my sanctuary!

These are the places I take technology I use heavily. My sleek, thin, shiny, fragile iPad®. My communication center. My entertainment center. My electronic connection to the people and things I care about. What am I thinking?!

Sometimes I have carried it around with no protection at all. I have tossed it into a briefcase or messenger bag with little or no padding. Apple’s Retina® display has been tough enough that I have not paid the price for that choice. Yet. But accidents happen so quickly and so easily. Even at the office.

A bare iPad® is a beautiful bit of design. It is art. But it’s not easy to grip for long. If you’ve been taking chances like me, imagine taking less risk.

Imagine holding your iPad® with confidence. You easily switch your display from portrait to landscape. But you never risk dropping your tablet. Confidence.

Imagine setting your iPad® down and the screen is in just the viewing position you need. Ergonomic adjustability.

Imagine quickly releasing the handle that made this possible. With a click, you attach a mount. It can be secured to a rail, microphone stand, table, desk, or almost any other surface to give you hands-free access to the information you need. Flexibility.

I needed this. Protective but not super-bulky. Functional but also easy to use.

Now I can work or play anywhere and not worry about damaging this investment in Mobility.

axiv: solving the problem of protecting your iPad

Roman Gadgets has the solution. axiv. It’s not a new word. It’s our way of saying model A14. We are Roman after all. I created the solution to my own problem. I’m sharing it because I thought you might be looking for answers to similar challenges.

Our axiv tablet case system is more than a tablet cover. “Cover” only begins to describe this valuable tool. It is a system of tablet accessories. Its interchangeable parts easily adapt axiv to your needs.

The back shell case and front shield cover — along with the rotating handle of the cover — is everything you need to keep your gadget safe from accidents and yourself in the best of health.

Hand-holding. Our secure handle adjusts to your hand size. Your hand won’t tire as quickly. You’ll experience less repetitive muscle stress. It will be much harder for your tablet to slip from your grip.

Upstanding. When you set the tablet down, the handle doubles as an adjustable tablet stand to keep your screen at just the right angle.

Adaptive. The axiv tablet case system conforms to a variety of lifestyles. Use it sitting, reclining, or on the go. *

  • One-click tablet mount connectivity even allows you to keep your iPad securely connected through bumpy rides.
  • Our system fits people of differing sizes, in case you share your tablet with others.

Today, this is one of the best-designed Apple® accessory kits for tablets. You may have a pc tablet. We have thought of you. Our line of tablet pc accessories is expanding. But first we are bringing our iPad® version to market.

If you live, work, or play in an unforgiving environment, relax. axiv by Roman Gadgets is a tablet computer case system built to protect your connection to the quickly changing world around us.

* Note: Please be careful if you use your tablet walking or driving. Our car tablet mount will keep your tablet in place when you’re driving. You already know how convenient our secure handle is. We’re counting on you to keep from being distracted when you’re moving.