About Us

Roman Gadgets is Roman technology brought to the 21st century. In the Roman empire, skilled artisans created designs still respected today for their utility, practicality, and innovation. Their output is often as notable for its artistry and beauty. Today, more than one thousand years after they were constructed, we still see many examples of Roman art and architecture. If anything, Romans not only built, they over-built. We like that.

In a moment you’ll see why Roman thought continues to inspire us.

What we do

Roman Gadgets was founded in 2011. We design and promote safe, technologically advanced products to enhance user experience with tablet computers. 

Why we do it

We see technology as a great leveler. Your computer gives you access to news and entertainment. It gives you access to your financial data. It gives you mobility. You can do an astonishing number of things from nearly anywhere. 

One mishap ends that. 

In an instant, your immediate sources of news will be from media selected and delivered to you by major corporations. Instead, to learn about events that affect you from other sources, you’ll wait for a newspaper or magazine to arrive. Long after the news happens.

You won’t have convenient applications that make you more productive. You may lose important files that you’ve come to rely on. 

We created Roman Gadgets because we don’t want to see that happen to you. Or to anybody. We also felt that protecting your investment could be done better. With design that blends utility and ingenuity. And just a smidge of art and beauty. If you’re into that.


The breadth of Roman influence is astonishing. The Empire was conceived with vision, but achieved with action. It took coordination between the thinkers and the doers. 

For many citizens outside Rome, the doers were Roman legionaries. They were the visible presence that kept the empire operating. But who protected the doers?

Most often, they protected themselves. Roman legionaries carried rectangular, semi-circular body shields. As a unit, they used the shields to create a wall around themselves. Even overhead. That made sense to us.

Bringing It Forward

Our Roman Gadgets tablet case system wraps around your valuable tablet, protecting it on all sides. Like the legionaries and their shields, Roman Gadgets products are made for mobility. 

And like many other Roman inventions, our products are made for utility, too. Our Axiv Tablet Case System offers several ways for you to hold or set your tablet to see things just the way you want to. You can work hands-free. You can attach it to a variety of surfaces. You’re the doer now. 

Adapt it. The Axiv Tablet Case System offers options to make using your tablet easier, safer, and more productive. 

You doers play quite a few roles. We know you’re wage earners, life learners, parents, gamers, researchers, advocates, fans, artists, and intent information gatherers. 

You do things in different places. In different ways. And even in different positions. Axiv moves with you and accommodates your style of doing. 

Cover it. Tablets are amazing. They offer so much power in such a thin, light package. Their design is sleek. Fluid lines and gentle curves with highly polished surfaces. In practical terms, they are slippery.

The Axiv Tablet Case System tablet cover is your first line of defense. The shock-resistant, dustproof membrane wraps around your tablet. The protective screen cover guards your screen from scratches when you’re not using it. You can fold it into a convenient stand during use (we’ll show you another way to do that, too).

With the tablet cover installed, you can grip your tablet more surely. You still see everything you need to see. You still have access to ports and switches, and input/output devices like microphones, cameras, and speakers. 

But what if you’re tired of hanging on?

Handle it. The Axiv Tablet Case System puts a case accessory receiver in the center of the cover. Take our adjustable handle component and snap it securely into the receiver.

Confidently use your tablet with one hand. Tighten the hook-and-loop closure strap to fit your hand. You can use your tablet even upside down. 

The Axiv system provides another option that may work even better for you.

I’m a bedtime reader. I keep most of my library on my tablet. My only complaint was that the muscles in my hand hurt from the strain of holding the tablet at the right viewing angle for me. 

The Axiv system changed that. I am no longer concerned about dropping my tablet. The handle position is ideal for easily making minor adjustments in the viewing angle. 

Mount it. For complete hands-free use, attach the Axiv Tablet Case System to our fully adjustable mount. Press the button to slide the handle out of the case receiver. Attach your tablet to the case mount. The mount holds your tablet securely in place. It attaches to a variety of rigid surfaces. If you are a speaker or musician, attach the mount to a lectern or microphone stand. 

If you are in a wheelchair, attach the mount to your chair and keep your tablet where it is convenient. 

Cooks and do-it-yourself handy people, attach the mount to your work surface and keep those recipes and instructions right where you need them to be.

Travelers, attach the mount in your vehicles and view navigation tips on a larger screen. 

Use it. Take your tablet with you. Know you’re protected. Go ahead. Make things happen. Citizen.

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